Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Beta test

Before leaving we had to try the gear as close as possible to the reality.. although of course when we really hit the road we found out we had some more to take.
To try and match the off-road conditions, in a country where off-road biking is not well received, our best option was to go to Bure, where the Swiss army tanks had already destroyed much of the land. On a sunday, we would sneak in and nobody would complain. After a little detour by St-Ursanne (a biker's hotspot) we arrived and met with Chris. We searched a bit and Chris found a nice place to pitch our tent, and of course have some fun in the rough proving grounds.
Anders decided it was a nice opportunity to check the tooling, so he took his wheel off and changed the inner tube.
This is why you never leave without your mechanic.. good job, Anders, now let's see if Chris has another cold beer.

On our way back I took the opportunity of showing off some of this wonderful country to our Danish friend.

'nuff said, the next best panorama will be in the Pamir, so stay tuned!


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