Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Trying the fixed coil

Today we need to do something about these bikes, so we go to the store. Anders needs to fix a broken spoke on his rear wheel (taking the tire off by hand of course) and change oil. The guys there catch us and insist on us trying the newly fixed part. We're a little reluctant as the first try just blew up after 5 minutes, but they argue that the first repair was quick-and-dirty, but the new one is much better. Anders is a little bit afraid to see the spool break off in pieces and wreak havoc in the engine, possibly destroying it entirely. But then the fix does look better, so I decide we give it a try. Meanwhile I called Philip and have it send a new spare to Ulaanbaatar, as I would like anyway to have a robust one for the next days out in the wild in Mongolia.

We then go ask Zene out for dinner, and we have a nice chat with her and her friend on a terrasse, the weather is just fine.


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