Wednesday, November 08, 2006


It's been a while since I last published something here, and as you may have noticed, my satelite transponder is also frozen. Indeed, we've spent the last 10 days here in Islamabad waiting for our Indian visa. But now we have it (6 months duration, but not without much hassle) so, at last, we can go. Although we have a good time chatting with other tourists in the heavily guarded foreigner's campsite, there's not so much to do in Islamabad. And the nights are a bit cool and humid.. looking forward to seeing India!

Actually, we need to wait for Anders' bike to be repainted. Yeah, while Anders was busy fixing stuff for his bike and Tom's, I went to Rawalpindi to try and find one of those truck workshop where they build these world-famous wildly decorated trucks (mostly old Bedfords, but newer ones as well). After some searching in the bazaars, I finally found one and met some very nice and friendly people. So I let my bike there for them to repaint the fuel tank. I got it back 3 days later with a nice paint for just 25$. But now it seems Anders is starting a "Jacky" contest, although we have no chance next to the Pakistani rickshaws, buses and trucks.

Check the results in the photo album.


Blogger José-Emmanuel Pont said...

Keep up the excellent blog! We'll need a slide show when you get back. Keep in touch.


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