Saturday, August 12, 2006

Back in business!

Yesterday we received the DHL package, as promissed when I showed up at the agency the day before. Anders does a great job of mounting the new ignition anf fixing the bike, and now it runs like a charm!

We also change our tyres and put the knobby ones we've been carrying all the way from Finland, so we're all set for Gobi and the crossing of Mongolia. It took us the best part of the afternoon (not too hot fortunately) in front of 2-3 guys from the guest house who just sat there and made fun of those crazy guys pumping up their tyres.

Only that I would like to get the other package, that actually made its way to Ulan-Ude, picked up by Zena and given to a bus driver that was coming to UB. So I went there and waited but saw no bus coming. Tried to cakk the guy on his cellular but he was only speaking Russian, so I asked a lady who was spoeaking English, but she didm't know Russian either. So she asked an old Mongolian who knew Russian, talked to the guy on the phone, tranlated in Mongolian and she then translated it back in English. At the end of the day I couldn't really make sense of what was going on..

So today I'll try again to call the guy and get our package. Even though I don't need it it's good to have a spare and it'd be too bad to waste that expensive part of course.


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