Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hotel Calfornia

Delhi, 33'000 km.

Delhi for me is like Hotel California: I can check out anytime I want but I can never leave (plus, I haven't found the pink Champagne on ice yet). So I'm back to the capital, this time to ship the bike home. Something is seriously wrong with it, so I'm sending it back and will rebuild the engine entirely this winter. It's just not reliable enough anymore, and although the last 10'000 km around India and Nepal have been great it's taken a big toll on it (plus the heat, the bad Nepal petrol, etc..). Painful as it is, it's the only sensible choice.

Incidentally, it's been just 1 year since I left Switzerland. Total: 33'000 km. My goal was to reach India in the first 6 months, but I figured that after 1 year I would have found a way out of it. Not so, but I had no firm plan so this is just as good.

But the trip ain't over for me. I've been shopping for another bike to keep going where I was heading to, in the Indian Himalayan. Here's the beast:

Pretty nifty, uh? But wait until it gets an engine, it looks even better.

Hasta la vista!


Blogger Nicolas said...

Keep on riding dude!

How many bikes do you plan to exhaust before coming back?

Hasta la vista,
@+, Nico (aka chromo ;-)

1:44 AM  

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