Monday, October 22, 2007


Yup, this is the end.. last stop before returning to the "real life", in Dubai where Miriam and Peter have settled down. Chill out a bit, go skiing (much better snow than in Switzerland at that time), get drunk at the Oktoberfest.. the typical Dubai stuff really.

The native Emirates are a minority here, they rule the country, cash-in the oil revenues and don't need to work. Most inhabitants are either Pakistanis/Indians/Bangladeshis who are brought in by the plane load to fill in low-wages positions, mostly to work around the clock in miserable conditions in the thousands of construction sites in Dubai or the UAE and build the next insanely high tower. Or the western ex-pats who fill in the grossly overpaid business positions, live 24/7 with A/C in their expensive houses and enourmous SUVs, spend their money in ridiculously huge malls and outrageously luxurious hotels and bars. Three societies in one country who live very differently and don't mix. Amazing.


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