Saturday, February 17, 2007

End of the vacations!

Goa - Patnem Beach / 25'248 km

There hasn't been a whole lot of activity on this site since I arrived in Goa, simply because I haven't done much riding since then - mainly short rides around the area here. And this is a biker's blog. Gosh, 2 months already.. It's been very enjoyable living here on the beach, everybody is so relax and easy-going. And you quickly make some good friends - which of course you have to leave at some point. Tom, Peter & Anders the bikers, Dee & James, Davina, Ana, Adam & Lenny, Valeria, Lorenzo, Johanna, Carrie, etc.. that was way cool.

Besides swimming, sunbathing and drinking, which are the main reasons to come here to Goa, we also went a couple weeks down to Kerala on train, to visit Cochin and the backwaters on a houseboat, a lovely way of sight-seeing. Then I went alone in the hills game viewing in a park (wild elephants mainly) while others went to Bombay. Oh and I did some Yoga - trying to fix the damage occured by the hours of driving.

Although you could easily get stuck here and spend the rest of the season (as many other people do - most people end up rescheduling the flights back), now is the time to go and tomorrow I'll be hitting the road. I'll be alone, as Peter and Anders are sending their bikes home. Tom left us unexpectedly a few weeks ago. I miss you Tom. We'll all miss you.